Interactive Toolkit and Intercultural Sensitivity Survey

Intercultural challenges and opportunities in the EU arising from increased migration and mobility affect physical education teachers and trainers in particular, who often are insufficiently prepared for intercultural education through sport. 

The EDU:PACT project aims to improve the quality of pre-service and in-service education, to prepare physical education teachers and coaches for inclusive intercultural education.

We recently released the EDU:PACT Module Handbook after almost three years of work, combining the expertise of universities and organisations working in the fields of physical education, coaching and intercultural education.

Now we are proud to share the next important step, our new Interactive Toolkit and website:

While the EDU:PACT Handbook presents the fundamental thematic and theoretical building blocks for successful intercultural education in sport, the Interactive Toolkit provides more than that. It is also divided into four units, and contains additional material like review quizzes, videos, infographics and surveys. The extras are meant to help you adapt the content to different groups and local needs. Content will be updated throughout and after the project runtime.

We would also like to share our Intercultural Sensitivity Survey with you, which is supposed to give you an idea about your overall intercultural sensitivity, and support your self-understanding within the context of the EDU:PACT Toolkit.

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