The German Sport University Cologne is Germany’s largest and most prestigious centre of teaching and research in physical education and sport science. Originally founded in Berlin in 1920 as a national College of Physical Education, it was re-located to Cologne in 1947 as a municipal institution and taken over in 1962 by the Federal State of North Rhine-Westphalia. In 1970, it was formally recognised as a State University. The university has 19 scientific institutes (departments) that cover a wide range of sport science teaching and research. More than 30 sports are taught in theory and practice in modern facilities. Currently there are approximately 5,200 students, including 500 foreign students, who prepare for professional careers in sports coaching, physical education, sport management, health & fitness, outdoor sport, sport for all, sport tourism, and other related fields. Some degrees include teaching modules about “sport and social inclusion”, such as “managing diversity, gender aspects, sport for disabled, sport with/for social target groups (unemployed persons, youth in disadvantaged communities, sport and crime prevention etc.)”. The teaching programmes in Physical Education and in Coaching include various phases of on-site teaching practice, where students gain practical insight into the field.