The University of Southern Denmark (SDU) has more than 25.000 students and over 4.000 employees. SDU has created an institution of higher research and education which provides first-class educational opportunities and cooperates with partners from both public and private businesses and organisations to provide qualified labour.

The department of Sports Science and Clinical Biomechanics, Faculty of Health Sciences, SDU deals with research, teaching, innovation and scientific knowledge diffusion based upon studies of the human body and movement. 

The department (with a total of roughly 150 employees) is organized in eight research units and six centres, and has over the last decade expanded markedly and integrated new lines of research and high profile researchers within social sciences, humanities and basic research. Thus, the department displays a truly innovative research and development profile with proven strengths in relation to effectively bridging various disciplines and research traditions.

Currently, SDU is among other partner of the EU ERASMUS+ funded project Sport Physical Education and Health (SPEACH), coordinated by the HANZE University (NL).