Coordinator: University of Vienna

Founded in 1365, the University of Vienna it is the oldest university in the German-speaking world. With its long and rich history, the University of Vienna has developed into one of the biggest universities in Europe, and also one of the most renowned, especially in the Humanities. It is associated with 15 Nobel Prize winners and has been the academic home of a large number of figures both of historical and academic importance. The university consists of 19 faculties and 4 university centers, respectively offering more than 180 degree programmes and 40 university continuing education and training programmes. With about 93,000 students, and 6,800 academic staff members the University of Vienna is the central and most important actor in the internationalisation of the tertiary sector in Austria. Roughly 27.000 students are non-Austrians coming from 140 different countries. One third of academic staff of the University of Vienna comes from abroad, the percentage of newly appointed professors from abroad is over 70 %. The University raises over EUR 15 million from the European funding sources every year. More than 70 partner universities, approximately 370 ERASMUS partner universities and memberships in organisations such as EUA, UNICA, ASEA-UNINET, and ACUNS ensure excellent international networking at an institutional level.

The Centre for Sport Science and University Sports includes the Institute of Sport Science (ISS) representing the scientific sub division with more than 1,700 students and the University Sports Institute (USI), being the central institution for college sports in Vienna offering over 200 sports disciplines to more than 20,000 students each semester. All degree programmes include several lectures focusing on social development and inclusion through sports.