Module and Training Concept Development Meeting


Module and Training Concept Development Meeting hosted by the German Sport University in Cologne in November 2018.

The Meeting aims to define, initiate and align the development of teaching modules and study units. In this meeting concrete recommendations for the development of a module and study unit structure in intercultural education through physical activity, coaching and training will be compiled.

Experts from physical education and coaching enrolled in this meeting will discuss study load and learning outcomes; qualification competences, skills, knowledge and professional practical and theoretical expertise required in intercultural education, and how these learning outcomes can be integrated in the existing PE teacher education and coaching education, respectively.

The meeting also specifies tasks related to the development of teaching and learning material for the training of trainers in PE and coaching (initial training of PE teachers and coaching license education and continuous professional development in both areas.

One expert from the University of Vienna as well as the University of Rome "Foro Italico" will attend the Meeting. They will work closely together with NGOs (Right to Play Germany and the Vienna Institute for International Dialogue and Cooperation) as their comprehensive practical long-term experience in this area is of special value.