Review and Validation

Workpackage 5 includes the review of the pilot units/ study units; the adaptation and validation of study units; and the Adaptation, implementation and validation of the module and guidelines. WP5 is led by the University of Vienna, with all project partners involved.

In practical terms this means that the project partner University staff, PE teachers, and coaching education students from the partners who have been directly trained through EDU-PACT in WP4 will give feedback about the implementation phase.

This feedback will be used to check if all developed material and courses are feasible for the intented learning and if they still match the outcomes of WP2. Both the students and trainers will be able to provide their views and to influence the products together with the project’s quality assurance team (see WP6). Then, the products will be adapted accordingly. Last, for final validation, again the WP2’s Focus Groups plus further external sport education stakeholders will be involved (alongside the WP6 activities) in order to polish and validate the Module Handbook, the Study Units, and the Teaching Guidelines.

The following meeting relates to WP5:

Module Review and Validation Meeting: Based on the experience gained from the partners, the study units, the modules and the guidelines for developers will be reviewed, adapted and validated.