Piloting and Implementation

Work package 4 concentrates on the development of a pilot training of the trainers (ToT) and the actual implementation of a staff training course for PE teachers and coaches from the partner universities.

WP4 will be led by Vienna Institute for Intercultural Dialogue and Cooperation (VIDC) with strong support from Right to Play (RTP) and further support from all project partners.

For the implementation of the training of the trainers programme (ToT), firstly, a generic programme based on the outcomes of the WP3's Teaching Guidelines will be set up. Afterwards, all project partners and 2-3 experts from the project partners institutions will be made familiar with the EDU-PACT objectives and products. This training course is followed by a further training course. Therefore, a total of approximately 20 experienced trainers from coaching as well as experienced PE Teacher Educators will be identified from the project partnership. After selection, they will be made familiar with the EDU-PACT objectives and products. Then, they will be directly trained.

This shall effect into a group of qualified teachers and trainers from universities as well as NGOs from different EU countries, who know how to include intercultural learning activities into existing CO and PE programmes and how to teach these modules.

Afterwards, the decentral organized workshops/trainings at 5 partner institutions will be organized by the 20 trainers qualified in WP4 during October 2019 and May 2020. It is planned, that at each partner University (Rome, Odense, Thessaly, Cologne, Vienna) 30 selected PE-teachers/ students as well as Coaches will take part and have to integrate the new methodologies into their practical work in schools and sport clubs etc. afterwards (e.g. internships, field visits etc.). This means, that the targeted children (refugees as well as from the respective host communities) will be involved into the process and the new skilled teachers/ trainers will gather field experience during the project periode as well. In total, it is planned to train around 150 (future) PE Teachers/ Coaches. They will reach around 25-30 children each, which means the total reach is about 3750 children.

The following meetings and events relate to WP4:

Training of Trainers (ToT) Preparation Meeting

Training of Trainers (ToT) Implementation Meeting & International Dissemination Event @ ENSE Forum 2019