Module and Training Concept Development

The preparation and development of the Modules – a major element of the EDU-PACT Project – will take place in WP3. It includes the definition of the fundamental principles of the module and study units in regards of a competence based programme; the development of a general framework/ course outline; the definition of skills & competences; the development of up to 4 study units in CO/PE; the scoping of the module's/ study unit's & study load (incl. references to ECTS); and the development of teaching guidelines.

In order to achieve this, the module developers will duly review the results of the study done in WP2 and then define and scope the module development for CO and PE with the experts for CO, PE and module development involved. The scoping process will specifically include the consideration of how the intended intercultural modules will fit into existing Physical Education - Teacher Education degrees and Coach Education degrees - both from a content and process side.

In this regards, the experience as well as lessons learnt from the SPEACH project will be of major importance. From the content and practical side, the experience from the involved NGOs (RTP and VIDC) is of special value, as they are working in the field since years. It is planned to draft up to four study units, considering practical aspects from the sector to be fully integrated. Finally, the development of the training of trainers programme (ToT) and the actual implementation of a staff training course for PE teachers and coaches will take place.

Further deliverables include drafts of a Module Handbook and Teaching Guidelines. These drafts will be validated through the activities in WP5.

WP3 will be led by the German Sport University with strong support from the NGOs (RTP and VIDC). Basically, all partners are involved in the process of WP3 to ensure the best possible outcomes.

The following meetings relate to WP3:

Module and Training Development Meeting in Cologne

Module and Training Concept Validation Meeting in Greece