Survey "Intercultural Learning and Physical Activity"

Workpackage 2 specifically refers to the collection of information (mapping) about the actual situation in the Teacher Training BA/MA Degrees as well as the Coaching Degrees (BA/MA) and the licences. The need for the development of this EDU-PACT Project was expressed directly by the sector stakeholders towards the project applicant and partnership. However, this specific Stakeholder Feedback towards the development of the intercultural learning module/ study units from the coaching and PE sector shall allow best planning of the module and training concept.

In this regard, the University of Southern Denmark (SDU) is going to investigate the current needs of each of their sector stakeholders at different levels, including perspectives from the NGO sector and the individual level (PE teachers/ coaches). The analysis will not only focus on what is planned through EDU-PACT, but especially on what is currently really “missed and needed” by the practitioners in schools and clubs. Instruments for the mapping shall be online-questionnaires and focus groups with guided interviews and discussions.

The WP2 activities will lead into a report with concrete recommendations for the module developers (WP3) and the staff training (WP4). WP2 will be led by the University of Southern Denmark and furthermore, main support from the Universities of Vienna, Cologne, Athens, Rome, and the Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Sports (in order to integrate also a geographic perspective) is envisaged.

Meeting related to WP2: Survey Assessment Meeting held in Odense